Note, the form of this manuscript was produced about 2002. This note is being written,
July, 2015. The goal in 2002 was to capture the state of Matrix about that time. Since
then, the Matrix universe has been inundated with weird versions of Matrix. Thus, this
document does not reflect the odd twists and turns the trick called Matrix has been
subjected to since that time. Essentially, this document does not reflect the
abominations called Matrix. The original, as presented in this work, is still the best at
presenting a magical experience for a nonprofessional audience. The "improvements"
of the original reflect the brilliant juggling techniques of those that claim said
improvements of the original. Yes, they often produce a reaction from the audience but
at the cost of the audience's joy of seeing stunning magic. With that, we continue with
words written about 2002.
Here is about the sixth or seventh attempt at explaining Matrix. I invented Matrix in
1960 just after I graduated from High School. Since then I have printed several
manuscripts and booklets on this trick alone. Since the beginning, the trick has
changed a bit and with each new publication, the way it is presented has changed. I
also have taught the trick personally to many people.