This little trip into magic begins with some of the history of Matrix. This includes
where it came from and how it spread through the magic community.
Then, so you know exactly what this book is about, the effect is described and
One would normally leap into the details at this point. But I have a task in mind. This
book includes a presentation of the Intention of Reality and Intention of Magic after the
overview of what Matrix is. The purpose of this book is to endow the reader with the
ability to do magic. At the core of all this is the ability to create reality and
subsequently magic for the spectator. I intend to deliver a product that will achieve
that purpose. I feel the intention of any action is the birth of that action. Therefore, I
feel these two subjects will advance the cause of any magician.
Then, before discussing the mechanical specifics of the routine, those moves necessary
for it follow.