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Chapter 1  Origin and History
Matrix appeared in 1960. However, the Matrix phenomena began when the effect
appeared in Genii in 1972. In this chapter, several events related to Matrix and its
existence are revealed. Part of this chapter is about how I invented Matrix.
Before getting into those details, I would like to point out a few issues about crediting
magicians with appropriate honor.
Often we do not know who actually created some effect. Certainly, you, as an average
magician, have no access to actual events as to who did what and when things
happened. There is no way we can know. At times, even the person creating an effect
does not know. There can be several reasons for this. Sometimes one can invent an
effect that was invented by some other individual long ago. Several times, I have come
up with an idea and published it later to get a letter from someone indicating that they
had the idea long ago. Usually my routine and theirs bear little resemblance. However,
the basic principle can be precisely the same. Then there are our sensitive egos. Our
egos can be sensitive and strong at the same time. We can read something and not
think of it for years. Then, later, we play with related ideas and suddenly we come up