Chapter 2  The Effect
Before we get into the real details of the routine, letís look at what the audience
sees and go over a brief description of how the effect is accomplished. Matrix begins
when four coins are placed on the table in a square array (or matrix). Letís
designate the positions of the coins as Upper Left, Upper right and so on. A card
is placed on top of each coin. The performer commands one coin to move, and then
two cards are lifted to show one coin has disappeared from under one card to find its
way under the card in the upper left hand corner. This is repeated with the other two
coins until all the coins have gathered under the upper left hand card.
The main move occurs while the right hand, holding four cards, thumbs a card onto
each coin. As the second card is placed on the table, the fingers of the right hand
secretly pick up the coin there. Then as the third coin is covered, the concealed coin is
allowed to fall under the card. The fourth card is placed on the coin at the lower left
position. Thus, a coin has been moved from the lower right position to the upper left
position while the coins were covered. This one coin is a one-ahead device to achieve
the following three transpositions.