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Chapter 3   Intention Of Reality
Before getting into the physical mechanics of the routine, I would like to share with
you some philosophical information about performing magic. I am inserting this
information in each book I produce. Intention is the bedrock of action. Intention
precedes all. In producing this book I intend to enhance your ability to do magic.
Thus, sharing a bit about intention to do magic is appropriate. Deception requires that
we create some kind of reality for our audiences. We create that reality then
manipulate it to cause magic to occur. Thus, we must be aware that our goal is to
create reality. That is the action. What follows is about the thought that causes it to
come about. That is, this is about the Intention of Reality.
During this discussion we will use a coin vanish as an example.
When I vanish a coin other magicians often ask me how I make a coin look like it really
moves from one hand to another when there is in fact no coin. I tell them that I paint a
picture of the coin moving. The picture contains every part of the action. This
includes the speed of my hands, the stress in my shoulder, the sound of my voice, what