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Chapter 4   Intention Of Magic
The Intention of Magic follows the Intention of Reality. The Intention of Magic is the
act of creating the magic moment in the eyes and minds of the audience.
Let’s use the example of pretending to place a coin into the hand once again. If you
do this with Intention of Reality the audience will believe you have a coin in your
hand. To cause magic to happen you must somehow convince your audience the coin
has disappeared. If you have done your job correctly, all you need do is open your
hand and show that, in fact there is no coin there. Doing it this way, however, ignores
the primary reason you are performing magic. You are performing magic to show
magic. Many performers forget this and believe that executing the sleight is the
performance of magic. This is not so for the audience. Let’s clarify by illustrating
the correct action. Assume you have pretended to put a coin into your hand and have
used Intention of Reality so the audience “knows” a coin is in your hand. Now,
being a magician, you will the coin to disappear. Again you must teach your body how
to do this. You might tilt your head a bit and you might take in a deep breath of air.
You focus your attention on your hand and squeeze it a bit. It is during these motions