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Chapter 5   Requirements
Here we briefly touch on the props used in the performance of the routine. This
includes the close-up pad, the cards and the coins.
The working surface should be spongy so that when an edge of a coin is pressed the
other edge of the coin levers into the air. A perfect pad is one made of crushed velvet
that covers a sheet of sponge that is about an eight of an inch thick. Also, the surface
of the performing area should have some sort of fuzz or raised threads. On a perfectly
flat smooth surface a coin will not sink into the surface. Thus, a card on top of a coin
will be raised into the air so that the audience can see a gap under the card revealing the
height of the covered coin. If a surface like that of a bath towel or crushed velvet is
used, the coin sinks into the material. A card placed over the coin, then, does not rest
on top of the coin but rests on top of the fuzz or threads of the material that extend
above the coin. Then, a card without a coin under it and a card with a coin under it
appear the same.
There are those that must perform on a surface that does not allow the coin to sink into