Chapter 6  Drills
This chapter contains three drills. The purpose of the drills is to isolate a specific
sequence of actions to practice without worrying about the wholeness of the routine.
Learn the action of each drill and repeat it over and over. Mastering the drills enables
fast mastery of the routine.
A Word about Drills
In the beginning, do them a lot. If you are bored out of your gourd, you are doing them
When starting they will seem a bit awkward, then after a few tries it will seem easy to
do. Then as you continue, the drill seems to get more difficult and you will be tempted
to quit out of frustration. The frustration is only the discovery of something that can go
wrong. I know what can go wrong, but I canít write it all down. So if you do these
drills you will find out how to do the move wrong. In so doing you will also find out
how to do the move right.