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Chapter 8   Development Path
The purpose of this chapter is to take a moment and look at the versions of Matrix that
were developed as the effect matured.
Sympathetic Coins
The Sympathetic Coin Trick from Bobo’s Modern Coin Magic was the effect I
began with during the development of Matrix. In this trick four half-dollars were
placed in a square pattern on a handkerchief. Then two small squares of cardboard
were used to cover two of the coins. The coins were not covered immediately. First
two coins were covered, then two others and two others. In the process of showing the
audience that two pieces of cardboard could cover the coins in various ways, a coin
was picked up when one coin was covered by two pieces of cardboard at the same
time. Then the pieces of cardboard were apparently placed on two coins. A visible
coin was picked up with the right hand. While the left raised the edge of the
handkerchief, the right hand apparently moved the coin under the handkerchief. In
reality the left fingers clipped the coin under the handkerchief as the right passed by.
The pretend coin was moved to the piece of cardboard that covered the two coins. It