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Chapter 10   Popular Version
Here is a Matrix routine that is typical of how many magicians perform it. This is not a
copy of any particular routine but rather a combination of things I have seen during the
last thirty years discussing the effect with many magicians and watching routines from
the back of the room.
The Props
The props are normal except for one jumbo coin. This version is normally performed
on a close up pad that is thin and floppy. Four normal half dollars are used. The jumbo
coin is placed under the close up mat directly in front of your body in a manner so it
can be easily slid out during performance.
The Routine
Begin by placing four coins on the table in the standard square pattern. Acquire four
cards and hold then in the right hand in dealing position. Place the cards on the coins
using the Two Hand Transfer Sequence as in the chapter on moves in this book. Now,
all is ready to begin the magic.