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Chapter 11   Chris Faye Version
Chris Faye is a friend from the southern part of Minnesota. He is a businessperson that
loves magic. While being very capable he does not have the time to practice
extensively and developed the handling for Matrix presented in this chapter. As you
read it you may wonder why I give it such a prominent place in this book. The answer
is that this method is startlingly simple but very, very effective. Chris had told me
about this routine long ago. However, I did not know how it played until I worked
with L&L Publishing and presented this routine in one of the sessions. When I saw it
performed it looked very, very good. Chris is not a magician in the sense that he
performs for others but just shares an interesting trick with friends now and then.
Thus, this version works well for a guy dressed in a suit and carries an attach'e case.
Let’s begin by discussing the environment and then show how it is done.
During a business meeting, the subject of magic might come up. Chris will say that
there is an interesting experiment with four pennies. Then he reaches into his
attaché case and extracts four business cards held by a bulldog spring clip. He asks
if he could borrow four pennies. The spectator usually has them and reaches into a
pocket to provide them. Chris puts his attaché case on the table and forms a square