HOMEMake Money with Magic 
This book is about enabling you to earn money with magic. To focus on important
issues immediately, here are some things you must have in mind up front.
Getting into magic professionally is more than learning how to do magic. Professional
magic is a lot about contacting people, handling business communications, scheduling
and more. In general, when you begin you will focus on the magic. When you get into
professional operation, the magic will be a small part of the operation. You will spend
a small amount of time working on new material. The biggest part of your career will
be all the other things that constitute running a business. In general, a professional
magician spends 60% to 90% of their business time on the marketing and financial
aspects of the business.
The core of your business, however, is doing magic. Learning magic is more than
learning how to do magic. The most important aspect of performing magic is
developing a performing persona. Essentially, this book is dedicated to doing that.