HOMEMake Money with Magic 
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Chapter 1  The Goal of this Book
This is an idea book about how to make money with magic. The author has performed
shows in a variety of venues. Several of those are discussed as we proceed. In addition,
many of his students have studied magic with him and have gone on to be professional
magicians. They have asked him how to get into magic professionally and followed his
advice. Then, in turn, they have shared how to get started doing professional magic
with him. In addition, the author joined a club devoted to public speaking. The
information in this book comes from the author's experience, from those students, and
from the professionals in that speaking organization.
This book assumes you are new to the subject of magic and are interested in learning
magic and earning money with it. This book is aimed at you. You face several hurdles
this book intends to deal with. The first is what kind of magic to do. The second is
acquiring the skills to do the magic. The third is how to begin performing for real
people that will eventually, pay money to see you do magic. In this chapter, we review
basic kinds of magic and talk about immediate monetary goals.