HOMEMake Money with Magic 
Chapter 2  The Basic Plan
This chapter presents the basic plan. The suggestion is, that if you follow this plan, you
will become a magician performing for real money.
The Basic Plan in a Nutshell
The first step is to build some kind of act. Then, that show is presented anywhere you
can find for free. Expect to do a thousand free shows. At some point, someone will
say, "We need a performer for our ________, what do you charge?" Then you can ask
what their budget is. When they tell you, you tell them that it is fine. Now sell your act
for that amount. Keep doing that. When you start getting shows continuously, raise
your rate by $25 or $50. If you get more than you can handle, raise your rate again.
When you get to $500 a show, contract some agents to see if they will work with you.
This plan is the heart of this book.