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Chapter 3  More about Magic Quests
In this chapter, I highlight the experience I went through during a Magic Quest and the
experience of one of my magic students. That would be Suzanne the Magician. The
suggestion in this book is that you plan your Magic Quest. Neither Suzanne nor I
planned a quest. They were natural events that happened on our way to being
performers. I hope that you can gain from this experience and approach your activities
in a systematic way that leads quickly to where you want to go.
I might mention that I see many performers that are not aware of the importance of a
Magic Quest. They have never really done one. They seem to be in a lifelong Magic
Quest. This is apparent because their performances lack punch. As they perform, they
appear to be acting out someone else's rules on what a performance should be.
My Magic Quest
As mentioned the act I set up sat by the door for a long time. I went to college, got a
degree in physics and began a career programming computers. I will agree that this
does not sound like a person capable of giving advice on performing. However, I did
apply the advice Zig gave. At some point in my career, the economy caved in. There