HOMEMake Money with Magic 
Chapter 4   The Show
This chapter is about building and performing your first show. We will consider the
four basic kinds of magic venues.
Basic Stand Up Shows
Let's discuss the stand-up venue first. The philosophy here is that the show consists of
a series of prop tricks. The performer enters the performance area and does one trick
after another. There is no connection between the tricks. In the overall flow, the
performer does a trick, the audience applauds that trick, the performer accepts
applause, puts the props for that trick away, and picks up the next trick. This goes on
for one-half an hour.
The show does have an overall structure. The first trick should be short and snappy. It
demonstrates to the audience that you are a magician. The second trick should be a bit
slower. It should develop a connection between you and the audience. The final trick
should be large and flashy. The final trick should put a note of finality to the entire act.
The main part of the show consists of a variety of magic. There should be short effects