HOMEMake Money with Magic 
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Chapter 5  Performing Persona
The primary goal of this book is to show you a way to get from square zero into
operational capability. This is done by doing free shows. This chapter discusses what
you sould expect to gain during this process. It is perhaps the most important chapter in
this little book. It is about a Performing Persona.
What is It?
First, what is it? It is something you do that says you belong on the stage. It is
something you do that tells your audience you are worthwhile watching. You
communicate that you have done this before. You let them know that when you have
done it before, the audience liked what you did. It is about you being on stage and
comfortable being there. The stage can be empty. If you are on stage alone, it can
appear very large. If you have a Performing Persona, the stage will not appear empty.
If you speak with a calmness of certainty, the audience's eyes will stay on you and they
will not see the emptiness of the stage. You will fill their vision and their mind.
The money you make depends directly upon the power of your Performing Persona.