HOMEMake Money with Magic 
Chapter 6  The Magic Quest
Now we come to the primary purpose this book exists. We assume you have gathered
some magic tricks. You have put together a show, wrote some patter, and perhaps
shown the act to a few members of your family. It is time to put the show on the road.
How do you do that?
We address two categories of performance here. The first is a way to do lots of shows
in a short period. The second is to do scheduled shows for large audiences but maybe
not as often.
The Hunt for Rapid Fire Action
If you do close up, there are many options for you. If you do stand up, the options are
limited. Let's consider stand up first.
Lots of Stand up Shows
Perhaps the best place to start is coffee shops. I have pulled this one off three different
times. Pick a coffee shop near to where you live. Pick an independent business. You
don't want to deal with a chain where the operator must ask someone else for