HOMEVernon Hug and KissPage 3
booth. Then he would turn and say, "That is fifty nine people that cannot explain how
this works." As the convention proceeded, there would be a lot of marks on the
A few years back, I happened to be living in L. A. near the Magic Castle. I became a
member and hung around the place often. This led to an encounter with Dai Vernon.
He was very excited about an idea to use only two of the coins from Hugs and Kisses
and use Bertram Ross's bare hand method of causing the spaces to change positions.
As time passed, I thought about this a great deal. I eventually concluded it was worth
something. I devised a way Bertram Ross's manipulation could be much simpler. Thus,
the Vernon Hug and Kiss came to be.
The trick requires extensive skill and the trick relies on some heavily gimmicked coins.
A suggestion is offered to buy some standard magic coins and modify them for this