HOMEMagic ForcesPage 3
Four Ace Force
Keep in mind that a sophisticated routine accompanies each of these forces.
Here is a collection of card forces. This book was inspired when I came up with the
Schneider Classic Force. I have been in magic some 50 years or more and have not
been able to perform the Classic Force. Thus, I developed a force which appears to be
very much like the Classic Force but works 100% of the time. I did not feel selling a
book on that move alone would be worth the effort. I scanned my memory bank and
dug up all of the forces I could think of and some ways to use each. The result is this
collection. Many are my ideas and many are common knowledge. The result is,
however, that instead of getting just one very good force you get several very good
forces and a number of other things that are quite useful.
Here are a few thoughts about forcing a card. There are two reasons for forcing. One is
to give the idea that any card could produce some miricle. For example, suppose some
routine required the use of a double-faced card. As there are 52 cards in the deck,
allowing the spectator to pick the card that is used creates the illusion that any card
would have worked just fine. The spectator gets the idea that the card has no unique