Double Lifts
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Card magic is probably the largest subset of
magic performed. Talk magic at any party
and there will always be someone that will
offer to show you a card trick. In this
article, the most common device used in
card magic is discussed. A goal of this
ezine is to offer information for people
new to magic. Another goal is to always
offer advanced material for those that
are into the deep stuff. This article begins
with the basics but goes on to offer a few
things that only the super masters will be
aware of.

This article is being offered to show that
this ezine is making a commitment to
include card magic as part of its monthly

Al Schneider

The goal of this article is to cover a wide
  spectrum of material associated with double
lifts including some devices to accomplish
the same thing as a double lift without doing a
double lift. Then it ends off by presenting
some complete routines that use the double
lift to change one card to another with
interesting twists.

This article begins with several clips about
the basics of double lifts and card handling
in general. Then there are two sections
about getting a break and showing a card
after the break is acquired. A couple
sections are offered that supply methods
of doing a double without doing a double. They
are called add-ons and slip-backs. Then
some unusual moves with doubles are
shown. Perhaps the center piece of this
article is presented which is a discussion
of how I do the double lift. Then double lifts
are crossed with card controls, lapping
and palming. Finally a section is
presented showing how double lifts may be
used in some very short and cute