Double Lifts
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were the same size as each other enabling
the lift to be done. In the past, I believe
cards were made by hand and rarely
matched one another.

Normal Behavior
A key element in magic is performing
natural motions that do something other
than a given normal motion would do. We
can imitate moving a coin from one hand
to another. However, it is almost
impossible to execute a double lift and
manipulate it as a normal person would
manipulate a single card. Let's take a look
at the problem and a solution.


Normal Behavior (.wmv)
Normal Behavior (.rm/.rv)

General Handling of Cards
Before getting into the real heavy stuff,
let's take a look at some thoughts about
handling cards. When I got into magic, I
had a lot of trouble getting the cards to do
what I wanted them to do. I kept dropping
them. They would shoot all over the place