Double Lifts
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and sometimes I felt as if the cards were
razor blades cutting my fingers. As time
passed, I stopped dropping them all the
time. But I also noticed that cards did not
last long. When I began, I thought a deck of
cards would last a lifetime. Eventually I
had many old decks lying around all over
the place.

General Handling (.wmv)
General Handling (.rm/.rv)
  There are two very important points
presented here. One is that you should not
mess with another card man's deck.
Another is that the cards are manipulated
with a light not heavy touch.

Essence of Double Lifts
There are four parts to a double lift. The
first is about getting the break. When
someone handles a card normally, there
is no delay when positioning the card to
pick it up. To do a double (generally) there
is some kind of action to get ready to pick
up two cards as one. Since normally
nothing happens in real life and we have to
do something to get the two cards ready in
our pretend world, this action probably gets
the most attention when studying double lifts.
The second issue of importance is showing
two as one. When a single card is held it is
simply held. In a double, the card must be
held carefully so the audience does not
see that there are two cards being shown.
This effort in itself might reveal the