Double Lifts
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presence of two cards. Thus, the
philosophy of holding two as one is a study
and takes practice to master. The third
issue to deal with is getting the face card of
the double off to continue whatever effect is
in progress. This usually involves
presenting a reason to put the double back
on top of the deck so the face card can be
ditched when the back card is moved
forward in a routine. Finally, the manner
in which the card moves away from the
double and the ditch to move into the
routine being presented needs to be done in
some logical fashion. To simply turn the
card face up to show it is different will
cause suspicion.

Techniques for most Double Lifts
Before moving into a detail discussion
about these four aspects of doing a double
lift, let's look a several aspects common
to all double lifts. The manner in which you
handle these very basic things will mark
you as a neophyte or experienced

Double Lift Techniques (.wmv)
Double Lift Techniques (.rm/.rv)

The two most important points here is
keeping the top card flat and preventing
the break from showing at the front of the