Double Lifts
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Getting a Break
As mentioned before, the first and most
critical aspect of doing a double lift is getting
the break. If the audience detects this
motion, chances are they will wonder why
you are holding the card(s) in a strange

Back End Get Ready
Perhaps the original get ready was simply
counting two cards at the back of the deck
with the thumb. It works and there are
many magicians that use it. The guy that got
me into magic used it all of the time.
However, when he wasn't around, several
fellow magicians would joke about it. Handled
right, it works fine.


Back End Get Ready (.wmv)
Back End Get Ready (.rm/.rv)

Licking the Bowl Get Ready
It seems when I got into magic, a lot of
people were talking about get readies.
Karrel Fox talked about this get ready
while hanging around the Fox Fun-n-Magic
shop in Detroit, Michigan. At the time I did
not know how much of an honor that was.