Double Lifts
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interpreted what was written a different
way. I did not concern myself with this as
I have been using my lift all my life and
see nothing wrong with it.

I am sure that Vernon had many ways of
doing the get ready and I suspect that the
method introduced in the book was just a
way to write the description in a simple
way. However, the method is just as good
as any other.

Little Finger Popup
In general, this is the way I favor doing
the get ready. I thought of this myself early
in my magic years. Shortly after coming up
with this idea I happened to drop in on
Larry Jennings. I showed it to him. As
soon as I was done talking about it, he taught
it to me. I know this does not make sense.
So, I do not claim to be the inventor of it.
I guess it is just some public domain thing.


Little Finger Popup (.wmv)
Little Finger Popup (.rm/.rv)

The primary problem with the move is
that the hand shakes when doing the get
ready. In a fixed routine, I have a set
sequence of motions I do each time that
cover the shaking. I also have a problem
in that I broke the bone just below the little
finger in a karate match. They call that