Double Lifts
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kind of a break a Boxer's Break. I went to
an emergency room to have the break
taken care of. They put my hand in a cast.
However, the doctor did not reset the bone
so it heeled at an angle. Damn. I found this
out weeks later when I made an
appointment with an orthopedic surgeon to
remove the cast. That little finger closes
at a different angle than the right hand. It
affects the way I do the double.

Another problem is that I do the move so
much; a heavy callus builds up at the point
where I press on the cards. It prevents
me from doing the lift effectively. So, I
periodically, I must file the callus down.

Then another problem is the length of the
little fingernail. If it is long, a single card
will pop twice giving me the impression I
have two cards when in fact I have one. A
single card will pop once when the tissue of
my little finger lets the first card go. It
pops a second time when the card slips
off the little fingernail. I can't tell the
  difference until I turn the card over and
feel only one card there. So, I must keep
the little fingernail trimmed.

Boy, I'll bet that is more than you wanted
to know.

Thumb Push
This was a big thing when I started magic
about 1963. Its big selling point was that it is
a very natural way to do a natural double
lift. I avoided it because I could not see
myself doing it consistently well. I believe
the move depends on having the right
cards all of the time. With me that just
does not happen.