Double Lifts
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deck is closed and a break gotten under
the top two cards. Here, the break can be
acquired as the cards are being spread
almost without effort.

Face Up Spread (.wmv)
Face Up Spread (.rm/.rv)

There a couple of thoughts here. After
shooting the clip, I realized that I need
not jog one card. Both cards could be jogged
  without harm and with less effort. Also
note, the cards need not be jogged far and
the other cards can be manipulated in a
jumble to cover the position of the top two.

Face Down Spread Get Ready
This is like the previous get ready. It
could be used during introductory remarks
of some trick. I often spread the cards
out face down just to let the audience see
what I am holding. Sometimes I turn the
cards face up as if to show the cards
normal. This offers an opportunity to get a
break if needed.