Double Lifts
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A problem with this kind of move is that
effective execution depends upon the
thickness of the cards. If identical cards
are always used, there is not a problem. If
one customarily uses a variety of decks,
some problems will be encountered because
the pressure of the strike, the angle of the
finger against the deck and thickness of
the cards determine how many cards will
be raised.

If you master this you will have a powerful
move and will be respected by the card

Edge Count Get Ready
This resembles some of the get readies
shown. Its difference is that this move
suits those that like to do things step by
step. Some of the previous get readies
depend on a lot of confidence. That is, the
finger hits the edge of the deck and you had
better have only two cards or the move is
  going to look strange. Here, the cards are
counted one at a time and a cover is
provided while the count occurs.

Edge Count (.wmv)
Edge Count (.rm/.rv)

In this clip the card did not turn over
well. After making the clip I realized that
my finger was near the short edge when
the card was being turned up. To fix this
problem, move the finger to the middle of
the long edge before turning the card up. One