Double Lifts
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can move the finger to the middle at the
same time the second left finger releases
the edge of the top two cards. When the
finger gets to the middle of the long edge; the
thumb and finger can grasp the edge, pull the
card across the deck, and do a book turn

Here is a word about bowing the deck
upward. The curvature need not be
excessive. The deck could normally be
curved downward. When about to do this
move, the thumb could press on the deck to
bow it up slightly.

In retrospect, after reviewing these
moves and messing with this for over 40
years, this technique would have done well
for it all.

Turnovers and Shows
Once one has the break, the next task is
to show the face of the double to the
  audience. Of course to do that, one must
turn the card over. Here is a short list of
possible ways to do both.

Finger Thumb Turn Over
As you develop magic effects with cards,
you will find that this turnover will often
serve you well. With a basic double you do
not need this. However, if you have special
cards you are manipulating or you must
display more than two cards as one, you
will use this system.