Double Lifts
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Palm Add
The subtlety offered here is to secretly
add a card to the top card of the deck
while the initial top card of the deck is
pushed forward to be displayed. Any
method to do that would work. After I got
all of this into the computer, I was chatting
with, Kyle Frisk, a local magician just getting
into magic. During our conversation he
came up with two more he saw on Youtube. I
would like to put them in also but it is just too
late. Oh well.


Palm Add (.wmv)
Palm Add (.rm/.rv)

Here, we use a palmed card. In the clip
shown, I palmed a card while shuffling the
cards. Any way to get a palmed card is
fine. I initially thought of having the card to
palm in my pocket. I would put something
back into my pocket to palm the card out. I
did not use that method here as I did not