Double Lifts
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One of the primary reasons I used it was
to get into a triple lift. I began with two
cards turned the other way on the back of
the deck. So when I put the selected card
there, I had half of the triple done without
doing anything.

In these a card above the one shown to
the audience is slipped back to be the double
card. These are not double lift moves but
are intended to replace the double lift.
While they are more natural moves in that
they look like normal moves, they do not
show the entire face of the card as
normal people might want to nor do these
moves show the entire face of the card as
in a double lift.

None the less, they will serve well in
many situations.

One Hand Slip Back
This move could be used while running
through the deck face down. You would stop
in the middle of the spread and show a
card then do this move. This move can
also be done while the entire deck is being
held in one hand. However, for it to make
sense, the other hand should be busy