Double Lifts
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face up. This handling is even easier and
appears cleaner.

Face up Spread Slip back (.wmv)
Face up Spread Slip back (.rm/.rv)

When mastered, the move goes quite
quickly. This could be used to change
several cards at the same time.
Ostensibly, you would be running through the
deck looking for specific cards, say kings.
  You can run through and find the kings, show
each to the audience by displaying the pips,
and toss each onto the table. However, you
can be actually tossing the aces onto the
table if the deck has been set up to do that.
The aces would have been placed above
each king in the deck.

Unusual Double Moves
Here are a few things about double lifts that
do not fit elsewhere. They are included to
add to the completeness of what is being

Schneider Uber Move
As mentioned, a part of most double lift
moves is putting the card back on top of the
deck to ditch the face of the double. I spent
some time searching for a way to avoid
doing this. The "uber move" is an attempt to
solve this problem.