Double Lifts
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Schneider Uber Move (.wmv)
Schneider Uber Move (.rm/.rv)

The biggest problem with the move was
consistency. I simply cannot hit it every
time. I noticed as I improved, the double
was separating so I could snap the face
card off the other card. Then, the
audience could see both cards in the
attempt to hold both as one.
  At one point in time I felt the action of
what was happening was not clear to the
audience. Thus, I dropped it. However,
after making the clip shown here, I
somehow see it with a new light. It doesn't
look bad and I have a feeling there could be
something worthwhile here.

Schneider Ditch Drop
I think I came up with this during my first
three months in magic. I really revolted
at the idea of putting the double on the deck
to then take off the top card and place it
on the table. This was an effort to show the
card and change it to another without more
manipulation. It is here just to be a bit more
complete in what is presented.