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Marlo Subtlety Click
The story of this move began with a visit
to a magic convention in Chicago. I
happened to perform at this convention
and it happens that Ed Marlo watched the
little show from a distance. He was taken
with one of the coin moves that I did. I got
  word he would like to get together with me.
Sometime later, I was sitting at a table in a
restaurant chatting with someone I had just
met at the convention. One of Ed's friends
approached the table and asked me if I
had a moment to chat with Ed. I indicated
I did. What happened then was most

The person I was talking to got very
excited thinking he was going to go along and
talk to Ed. We both got up to follow the
person that offered the invitation. Walking
through a hall, someone else approached
my new acquaintance and engaged him in a
conversation. I continued with the person
that invited me to the meeting. My
acquaintance was peeled off and steered

I cannot remember most of the
conversation. I do remember the business
of making the cards click.