Double Lifts
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Marlo Subtlety Click (.wmv)
Marlo Subtlety Click (.rm/.rv)

Let's look at this closer. Suppose the
card is held by the right hand. The click is
actually caused when the left hand pulls the
long edge of a card down a bit. Then the
right thumb presses on its long edge. The
first and third finger of the right hand
press up. This causes a kind of concave
  buckle to form in the card. When the left
hand releases its edge of the card, that
concave buckle shots across the card
making the click.

Al Schneider Double Lift
As mentioned I believe I had gotten this
sequence of moves from the Dai Vernon
Bookof Magic
. I suspect that the little
touches I have added or gotten from
others have changed the move from what
is in the book. Right now, I can't locate my
copy so I can't verify this. It has been
about 30 years or more since I touched
that book.