Double Lifts
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Al Schneider Double (.wmv)
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Here is an important point in doing this
move. Many people flipping the card worry
a great deal about the cards separating. As
a result, they hold the card as it is turned
over in a way to keep the cards from
separating. That defeats the entire point of
the subtleties being employed. The card
  must be flipped over without control. This
gives the move a loose feeling that
appears natural. It is only out of control
for a split second. As mentioned in the
video, the thumb taps the cards to square
them immediately after the flip so no one
knows the cards separated. Those that do
not heed this suggestion will have a very
odd way of turning a card over. They would
be wise if they used a method that did not
require a book turn.

Touching Other Realms
Here are a few items that get into areas
not directly related to double lifts. In each
of these the goal is to have a card
selected and, from the point of view of the
audience, the card is buried in the deck.
The unusual method here is to use the
process of selecting a card that also is a
get ready for a double lift.

Double Control
A common problem in many card effects
is getting the card to the top of the deck