Double Lifts
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Double Lap (.wmv)
Double Lap (.rm/.rv)

By the by, you could also have them sign
the card or mark it when the doubled
cards are face up on the packet.

Double Palm
Here is yet another application of this
double subtlety.

Double Palm (.wmv)
Double Palm (.rm/.rv)

Actually it is a two hand top palm. When
the card is placed on the packet closer to
the audience, the other hand is getting
ready for the palm. The motion of the
hands during the palm is a bit awkward.
However, the hands can move quickly at
this point covering some of the awkward
motion. Grabbing the packet and moving it
forward looks very natural if done quickly.
In fact it will look very odd if done slowly.
Also, be sure to drop the packet onto the
other packet with a plop. To place it there
carefully will also draw undue attention.

Let's finish off this article with some
applications of the double lift. Essentially,
these are effects using the double lift to