Double Lifts
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change a card. In these, however, some
little thing is done extra to enhance the
appearance that a card has changed.

Ribbon Spread Change
I don't know if I saw this someplace. I
have a feeling it evolved over time.
Recently, I have been using this in my
formal shows. In my style of performing
there is no start point. I am sitting at a
table waiting for people to sit down and
watch the show. Naturally, I chat with those
that are already there. While chatting, I
am playing with the cards. When the crowd
builds to its final size, I will do this flourish.
They don't know the show has started. It
is a lot of fun.


Ribbon Spread Change (.wmv)
Ribbon Spread Change (.rm/.rv)

In the clip you will notice that the double's
face card fell away from the other cards.
That can be resolved by pushing the card
further under the spread as the cards are
separated. You will see this here.