Double Lifts
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Ribbon Spread Change Explained
Explained (.wmv)
Explained (.rm/.rv)

You can see in this explanation, the
double's face card was pushed far under
the spread and it worked quite well.

Turnover Switch
Here is a good attempt at duplicating the
way most people would handle a card. The
goal here is to avoid putting the doubled
cards back on the deck to accomplish the
move. Let's take a look.


Bob Stencil Turnover Switch (.wmv)
Bob Stencil Turnover Switch (.rm/.rv)

In the clip, the card was slid back as the
hand was turned over. Due to this, the
audience can see the double's face card
move. A more appropriate way would be to
wait longer to move the card. First turn the
card over. Then, while the other hand is
reaching for the card, the double's face