Double Lifts
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card is slid to the side. The other problem
is that the card, in the clip, was not slid
far enough to the side. The audience could
see it sticking out from behind. The double's
face card should be slid further to the side
so the audience does not see it when the
switch occurs.

Double Twist Change
This is one of the things I picked up while
hanging around a magic shop on a Saturday.
I was chatting with a magician my own age,
about 19, and he showed me this. I don't
know what brought it up but I am glad it came
up because I can show it to you. It falls
under the category of clever ways to
reveal a card.


Double Twist Change (.wmv)
Double Twist Change (.rm/.rv)

There is a bit of a problem here. A lot of
effort was invested in hiding the action of
pushing the face of the double into the deck.
Only a small amount of the double was
extending from the deck and the thumb was
carefully placed to hide the motion of the
card moving into the deck. The problem