Double Lifts
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occurs when the first finger of the left hand
presses against the edge of the face card
and pushes it into the deck. To enable this
action to occur, the face card of the double
is pulled down a bit so the tip of the left
finger can "get a grip on it" to push it into the
deck. When the card was pulled down, in
the presentation shown, the face card
flashes as it is pushed into the deck
destroying the illusion nothing was done.
Some other handling must be employed or
the deck should be tilted more toward the
audience to cover the push of the card into
the deck.

Push thru Change
This sequence is not intended to be done
during a formal magic show. Rather, it is
something to do when a deck of cards is
handy and an audience is present that
wants to see something. Normally the deck
is borrowed. A check is made of the cards
to be sure the deck can support double lifts.


Push thru Change (.wmv)
Push thru Change (.rm/.rv)

If you go over the sequence again, you will
notice that a lot of effort has been put into
keeping everything visible. That is, the
hands are kept under the deck. If you take
the top card off of a deck, insert it into the
side of the deck, and push it through; you will
notice your hand tends to cover the deck