Hole Hop
Some time in the 70's, the original owner of Sterling Magic asked if I could invent a trick for them. I came up with a trick called Hugs and Kisses. It was very expensive to make requiring X's and O's to be hand cut into the coins. They sold well at magic conventions. At a booth they would do the trick for someone then ask them how it worked. When a person would say they did not know how, they put a mark on a large card tracking how many said they did not know. Sometime later I was visiting the castle in LA and was talking to Dai Vernon. He had to tell me about this amazing trick called Hugs and Kisses. I responded with, “I invented it.” In his squeaky voice he said, “Ya did?” then he explained how it worked and his routine with it. Sterling Magic passed through several hands and a recent owner contacted me. He used CNC machines to cut round and slot holes in the coins and asked me to rewrite the instructions. He called the routine Dots and Dashes. I rewrote the instructions and he sent me some material. I came up with this version using two coins instead of six. I have never done this for anyone so have no idea how well it sells.

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