I developed this teaching technique while running a magic school in Minneapolis for 5 to 6 years. The class was held in a hotel meeting room every Monday.

The concept of a weekend intense seminar emerged while I was selling magic at a magic convention in the dealer's room. During a demo, a customer wanted to know how to acquire the skill I was displaying. After some discussion, the individual expressed desire for a serious class. I suggested if there were six people interested, we could do it in Minneapolis. Several people in front of the booth met and agreed with the plan. Within a day at that convention 6 people signed up. The event was a great success. The people included a CEO of a robot company from Michigan, a lawyer from Tennessee, a captain from the Air Force, and three others that held high positions in there businesses. After that event, several like seminars were performed in America and Ireland. In general, attendees were amazed how much they could develop in a weekend.

I believe that those interested in this sort of thing are very successful individuals that have no interest in professional magic or presenting formal shows. They love magic and like the idea of showing a trick to someone now and then. But they don't want to do puzzles; they want to show significant phenomena. And they are willing to plow through weeds to get it.