There are some people that will not be able to do some sleight of hand. There is a variety of reasons for this. In my classes in Minneapolis, a person that signed up was from a country that believed in magic. He thought I was teaching real magic. It did not go well. Some people that work a lot with their hands have trouble. A physical therapist just could not get the hang of it. Accomplished magicians can be afraid they will lose their macho with their way of doing things. Old school magicians don't take kindly to my novel methods. Then, highly skilled technicians have trouble with manipulation.

A major problem is that some people will not break free. They desire or must have constant total control. What do I mean by break free? As an analogy, consider throwing a baseball. The ball is held firmly in the hand. The arm moves backward as if cocking a lever. The arm snaps forward. At the right moment the ball is set free to pursue its own path. Some magic moves require this wind up that leads to something being set free. Some highly skilled individuals have trouble doing this. I suspect artists that paint a lot experience this. They constantly control the brush. In their profession setting free is not an option. Then there are individuals that have never let go.

Bear in mind, mastering sleight of hand is not in the mission statement. Performing excellent magic is in the mission statement. At one point in the seminar you will be selecting a specific trick to develop. Your selection will be based on your capabilities. This is your decision. The mission statement says that you will walk away doing excellent magic.

If for any reason you feel you are not meeting your goals, your investment will be returned.