Come prepared to work.

Come prepared to plow through the weeds to reach a goal.

Come prepared to walk away with something valuable.

This is not a lecture. It all is focused on you. You do the work, I don't.

Most of you will bring your wives. That's why it is held at the airport. It is next to the Mall of America and several fine hotels. Evenings are kept open for your personal activities. The location for the seminar need not be limited to Mineapolis. For example, O'Hara airport has a fine hotel with meeting rooms attached to the airport.

I will supply each with props as necessary. Most material will not require a close up pad as much is aimed at performing impromptu standing up at something like a cocktail party. Come dressed comfortably but bring a sport coat as you may need it for sleeving or use of the pockets. Bring your own props for things you may want to work on. Please be there at 1:00 PM Friday as that is the most critical session.