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One day, I was walking in a park with Angie. During the walk, we looked down and
saw a bunch of clover by the path. I said, "Do you think I could find a four leaf
clover?" She responded, "No way." Well, I bent over, reached down, plucked a
four-leaf clover from the ground, and gave it to her.
What does This Have to Do with Magic?
Many years ago when I started selling magic books, I hired an elderly woman to do my
bookkeeping. I came to know her son. One day he showed me his workroom. A
hundred or more frames adorned the walls of his room; each had a four-leaf clover in it.
Most were normal size. Some were more than a foot and a half in width. He had a trick
for seeing four leaf clovers.
The trick is quite simple. Most people looking for four leaf clovers scan the clover field
looking for one that has four leaves. When they look at the bunch, this is what they see.
The trick is to see the clover as consisting of triangular shapes. The following