HOMETorn and Restored Paper DollsPage 1
The magician displays a strip of paper. The paper is folded into eight sections.
The paper is cut and unfolded revealing a strip of eight paper dolls.
The strip is torn in half, four parts, and eight parts. The
strip appears to form eight separate paper dolls. . The performer squares the
dolls with each other and trims the edges. Suddenly, all dolls are in a complete strip
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The Torn & Restored Paper Dolls adds cute variety to an act. During holiday shows,
symbols other than dolls can be used such as Christmas trees, pumpkins, and so on.
This trick need not be used only for stage. It would work close-up as well. Then,
several can be made ahead of time for repeat performances of the effect. It is a
versatile trick. It packs very small. It is easy to perform and packs a punch.