While searching for ideas of what to discuss in this website, I happened to be looking
at an on-line magic forum somewhere. Some of the members of this forum were raving
about a clip on the internet of someone doing an ROV vanish. ROV means Retention
of Vision. It looked very good. Then I thought of what I could do with this to offer you
something of interest. Well, I thought I would search my memory and find the various
ways of doing ROV vanishes. It so happens that recently I attended a New York coin
seminar put on by Roth, Rubenstein and Latta. During that seminar, they had a
discussion of the ROV concept. Since that was my recent memory, I essentially began
with their moves. However, the first slot belongs to that great man, Dai Vernon. His
demonstration begins a quick review of the various ways to do an ROV move.
While not complete it serves to cover the field fairly well. I even included a
sponge ball and crotched cork ball vanish. There is no explanation, just eye candy.
Recently, going over old files, I found some effort to show uses of the Snapback
Vanish. Perhaps you might find this clip interesting as well.