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This web site is about magic. As I pondered how to organize this site I thought of my early experiences in magic. Part of that was obtaining catalogues from magic dealers such as Abbott's Magic. I would spend hours flipping through the pages reading about the magic effects. My goal in the construction of this site is an attempt to duplicate that experience on line for the viewers. I decided the best thing to do was simply list what is in the site on the first page. Then, the viewer can scan the entries much like flipping through the pages of a book. At first each entry was a line of text describing the entry. Then I thought of using small pictures to illustrate the content of the entry.

Site Cell
There is no organization to this site. The home pages display a number of images referred to here as site cells. Each one is a link to an essay on magic, a description of a book, a link to a book on amazon.com, a movie clip demonstrating magic, or whatever strikes my fancy. As time passes, site cells are to be added to the mix. The new cells will be added and a date is to be placed at the top of the new material indicating when the new material was added. The goal is to enable the viewer to see what he or she has viewed and determine what has not been viewed. A tag under each cell will indicate the level of skill required if that item is offering a book on a magic trick. A goal is that once a cell appears on-line, it sticks for eternity.

In general, to see what a cell is about one must look under it like looking under a rock. It is like Forest Gump's box of chocolates. You must bite into one to see what it is.

For now, the cells are about Al Schneider material. Eventually, cells could include: ads for other peoples material, book reviews, tricks, and whatever might generate magic interest. Hopefully, some people will submit books and tricks for review. As of this writing, this capability is not available.

Why World Magic Center?
Some question the title, "World Magic Center." Well, here is how that came to be. I have practiced Tae Kwon Do most of my life. I belonged to a club named, "World Tae Kwon Do Center." The master instructor, Byung Yul Lee, was very high in the organization. He apparently felt he was a significant player in that universe. He decided to call his club a world center for Tae Kwon Do. When I thought of getting a domain name for my web site, I thought of Al's Magic or Fat Al's Magic or ????. Then I thought that I could name it anything I wanted. I followed Master Lee's lead and chose the tag, World xxx Center. There have been those that have said, "How dare you use such an arrogant name?" Well, buzz off. I got it first.

In a sense, however, the name is justified. The primary book offered in this site is titled, The Theory and Practice of Magic Deception. I believe it is the most significant work on the theory of magic. To me, the information in this book is about the core of magic. Ergo, with this work, this site is about the center of magic deception.

Al Schneider